RFB Muzzle Brake Kit


This Muzzle Brake kit is designed to replace the existing Flash Hider which comes standard on the RFB Rifle. This Muzzle Brake is designed to lessen the felt recoil of the RFB and the vertical muzzle lift as the rifle is fired. The combination of these two will allow the shooter to re-gain their sight alignment quicker for follow-up shots.

This kit comes with one (1) RFB Muzzle Brake, one (1) Lock Nut, both machined and heat treated from 4140 steel.

Tools Required for Installation: Two (2) thin wrenches with ¾” opening.
Optional Tools Recommended: Clamp or Vice to keep RFB stationary, along with a heat gun or torch.

NOTE: Original Flash Hider may be very difficult to remove; this may require

KelTec can install your RFB Muzzle Brake on your RFB for you. If you are interested in having your RFB Muzzle Brake installed, please contact Sales at 321-631-0068 for further details. If you chose to have KelTec install the Muzzle Brake, you will be required to pay for shipping your RFB into our Repair Department. The total cost for the installation will be $85 USD, which include one (1) RFB Muzzle Brake Kit, proper installation, and return shipping.

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