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Covert Soft Case | Large


As the name implies, the Covert Soft Case is a nondescript soft case to store and transport your firearms safely and without drawing attention. Unlike many other firearm bags, this one doesn’t advertise to the world that you’re carrying around some freedom sticks inside. We’ve even subdued our own branding, minimizing it to a small, removable tag (via scissors) which is only visible from one side.

This bag was specifically designed for use with our firearms, keeping optics, muzzle devices, and extended butt-pads in mind to create the perfectly sized soft case to hold that custom setup you’ve created.* This bag is large enough to carry a single KSG25, or multiple smaller firearms. Use the photos provided and bag measurements below to determine what size you need.

Oversized zipper pulls are featured on all our Covert Soft Cases to accommodate a lock of your choice.

Specs: 40″ x 13.5″ x 1″

Pro Tip: Fully unzip this bag and lay it flat on a table for a padded mat! It’s surprisingly handy out at the range.

*Please use the provided measurements to make sure this bag is the right size for your needs.

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