CL-42 Flashlight

The KelTec CL-42 is a lightweight, single-mode output, modular LED flashlight. The light operates via a forward-click button located at the rear of the flashlight with both constant and momentary-on capabilities.


The CL-42 produces a constant 420 lumen beam via a controlled-output circuit board for 1h 15min, after which time the output will decrease in intensity like a traditional flashlight as the batteries are exhausted, producing 42 lumens at 2h 20min.



    • Lumens: 420.


    • Batteries: (2) CR123 batteries.


    • Run time: 2 hours 25 Mins.


    • Beam distance: 160 Meters.


    • Peak beam intensity: 6400 candela.


    • Impact resistance: 1 meter.


    • Water resistance: 1 meter depth.



ATTENTION: When replacing the batteries, this flashlight requires that both batteries are changed at the same time and both batteries are the same brand for proper functioning of the flashlight.

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